Aller Anfang ist ... gar nicht so schwer (auf Englisch)

Getting started ... isn´t that difficult. Works Constitution Act: Introduction (WC 1)

The Works Constitution Act is one of the most important bases for the works council. It contains the works council´s duties and rights. The Works Constitution Act not only enhances democracy in the establishment but is also a protection for the employees. Being familiar with the legal requirements and knowing how to deal with them is one of the preconditions to be able to represent and promote the interests of the staff.

Furthermore, the works council members have to solve diverse issues every day that cannot be handled with the code of law only.

The training course will provide you with necessary knowledge about the Works Constitution Act, about the decision making process and about the responsibility to enable the individual works council members to work for the individual employees in the best possible way.

The training course contains:

  • The classification of the Works Constitution Act in the German legal system
  • The works council´s general duties according to Section 80 Works Constitution Act
  • The works council´s conduct of business and its decisions
  • Scope of the rights to co-determination
  • Code of law handling
  • Supply of information and the works council´s information policy

Termin:21.10. - 25.10.2019
Ort:Berlin (Ostbahnhof)
Zielgruppe:Works council members
Teilnahmevoraussetzung:This training course is the first one of the basic qualification series.
Freistellung:Section 37 Article 6 Works Constitution Act
Seminargebühren:1.190,00 EUR (gem. § 4 Nr. 22a UStG umsatzsteuerbefreit). Hinzu kommen die Kosten der Tagungsstätte. Diese betragen 245,00 EUR inkl. MwSt.
Kontakt:ver.di-b+b-Büro Berlin-Brandenburg, Tel. (030) 263 9989-11